ON-site mechanical services

Atlantis is one of the few firms that can take a project from machine drawing to final site installation and operation with its own people and equipment. Not only does this capability offer customers more control, Atlantis' experience helps anticipate problems and solves them. Whether in-house detailing, installation, removal or
repair/modification, Atlantis' experience and resources can be a valuable partner in your project plans.

Our Adams, MA, facility houses a large inventory of rigging and other field operations equipment.

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for the Precision and Productivity You Need in a Metalworking, Fabrication, Manufacturing and Field Services Supplier.


Quality, capability, productivity - critical standards when it comes to qualifying a key supplier for your custom parts, fabrication, machine building, or mechanical on-site services. For over 40 years, discerning customers have looked to Atlantis to serve their needs productively. Atlantis has the investments in capital equipment and the staff to precisely execute your project, regardless of the complexity. Atlantis' breadth of in-house equipment and expertise means you have greater control of quality and costs. Atlantis is also responsive to your commercial needs: with one-stop accountability, we can work with you to help improve the cost efficiency of your job.

featured services

  • Small to large machining
  • Complete machine building & assembly
  • Heavy plate bending and forming
  • ASME stamped pressure vessel design, fab, alteration, and repair (i.e., petrochemical)
  • Extensive repair knowledge and ability
  • Fixture building (i.e.. aerospace & military)
  • Fabricated components
  • Complete on-site construction, installation, detailing, and repair services.
  • Grit Blasting
  • Finishing & painting

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